Payment Plans

Dba2Csv / Palm2Google - £30

Please note that eChecks may take several days to clear, so for the fastest payment be sure to use either a Paypal account or a Credit Card. If you do not have a Paypal account then please click "Pay With A Credit or Debit Card" on the next page.

Payment is for lifetime use, upgrades & support for Dba2Csv / Palm2Google, sold by Neil Gerstenberg on behalf of Yellow River Arts Ltd UK.  You are entitled to a full money-back guarantee if the software or online support is not to your entire satisfaction, and payment entitles you to 1 month FREE USE of GCalToolkit to keep Google Calendars Clean and Tidy.

Personal Palm Calendar Conversion - £99

Personal Palm Calendar Conversion for only £99 - and I refund if the results are not to your entire satisfaction. I will personally convert your PD4 or PD6 Calendar data to the universal iCal Calendar format for import to Google, Outlook, iCal etc.

In addition to a single personal conversion of any Palm Calendar to the universal iCal format, the price also includes the Dba2Csv/Palm2Google software AND a 2 year subscription to GCalToolkit ( worth 49$ to keep your Google Calendar in perfect condition.

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