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"Dba2Csv and Palm2Google (snappy name, eh?) certainly got the job done for us, with over ten years of calendar data finally now viewable on our iPhone and Android phones, as well as online in our Google Calendar. Result! The job ran pretty smoothly too, although we were helped throughout the process by the developer, who enthusiastically talked us through the minor glitches we encountered, and responded to all emails in a timely manner." (http://www.wirefresh.com/transfer-palmos-data-to-google-calendar-with-dba2csv-and-palm2google/)
"I transferred about 5000 calendar entries from my Palm to my iPhone. It was not easy. Upgraded from Palm 4 to 6, then transfer to Google, then to ics file. Lotus Notes only accepts 500 entries per import, so divided the ics file into 12 files and imported one by one. Our company uses lotus notes which is sync’d to our iPhones. So now my iPhone is sync’d to my Lotus Notes (email, contacts and calendar). It was not fun, but would have been 10 x worse without this program. My Palm was a TX. I live in Western Canada. I am thankfully Palm free (although my Palm served me well for 10 years). Wish I could rate the program somewhere, if I could it would be 5 star."
Warren S. (http://www.wirefresh.com/transfer-palmos-data-to-google-calendar-with-dba2csv-and-palm2google/#comment-1677)

"WOW !!! What a great experience. The Dba2Csv was a painless experience and I got just about every calendar event from the last 10 years from my Palm to Google. The developer did a fantastic job of creating an interface that provides straight-forward instructions and with the assurance of technical support if needed and a money back guarantee – it’s a great buy. I didn’t find the price at all prohibitive particularly when you consider the time it saves you in trying to get your data (and finally your life)out of Palm and into a more universally recognized format. THANK YOU – Dba2Csv is EXACTLY what I needed."
Barbara A. (http://www.wirefresh.com/transfer-palmos-data-to-google-calendar-with-dba2csv-and-palm2google/#comment-1982)



"This post is simply to say that I am a very satisfied customer of www.dba2csv.com for correctly moving ALL my Calendar data from Palm Desktop to Google Calendar.  
I first tried CompanionLink.  My free-trial attempt having failed, I actually paid for their non-trial version in hopes of getting start-to-finish help.  When their software and support didn't work for me, then they said it was Palm and/or Google's fault and that I should call them up...  This happened with multiple representatives and although their claim is very much plausible it still left me with no solution to my problem. 
The developer behind www.dba2csv.com DID solve my problem by providing his software and great service regardless of who was initially responsible for my problems.  He held my hand by email through about a dozen different attempts until we got it right. It seemed that his focus on and experience with calendar migration makes him very knowledgeable about all the intricacies which make the difference (even he admits to still being mystified by some bugs). 
I have no personal interest in promoting www.dba2csv.com beyond rewarding someone who provided me with great service."
Sacha123 (http://www.google.com/support/forum/p/Calendar/thread?tid=2952265980c1b13d&hl=en&start=40)
"Palm2Google http://www.dba2csv.com/ worked great! Took 10minutes to get everything to Google Calendar. I had to pay for it, but it's worth it to not spend a lot of time screwing around with a lot of steps"
Keith (http://www.google.com/support/forum/p/Calendar/thread?tid=2952265980c1b13d&hl=en

"I used the trial dba2csv software and found that it worked well on 1/4 of my data, so I purchased the full version.  At $45, it's pricey, but my calendar came over intact in about 1 minute of configuring and 1 hour of loading (9600 events).  Repeating events repeated and carried over the correct end date, etc.  The notes carried over into the google calendar description field."
RDCNJ (http://www.google.com/support/forum/p/Calendar/thread?tid=2952265980c1b13d&hl=en)

"I bought the software ...  from www.dba2csv.com, and I'm glad I did.  I had a decade of almost 13,000 events with many recurring events in several categories.  All are in Google now, each category in a separate Google calendar, color-coded, etc.  The bizarre thing is that I did do the recommended upgrade from Palm Desktop 4.1.4 to 6.2, and 6.2 looked like garbage in the Desktop - couldn't see any categories at all.  In Google, the categories are back!"
Quahog http://www.google.com/support/forum/p/Calendar/thread?tid=2952265980c1b13d&hl=en)


Article for the AMERICAN BAR ASSOCIATION website by Samantha Blake "well worth the ₤30 investment..."

My 75 year old mother thanks you. And so do I (for getting me out of the dog house). Worked like a charm.
John W.

"...the Palm2Google software is great. I spent half a day trying various solutions to convert a Palm 4 calendar to a generally recognizable format, all for naught. I was pulling my hair out. I was reluctant to spend the $50, but now I wish I had spent it sooner. Once I converted to Palm 6.x and recreated my *dba, your conversion tool worked flawlessly. I now have 10 years of calendar records successfully stowed in google. Thanks!"
Robert P.  Hawai'i

"Dear Neil: First let me say thanks! Free software didn't work after many hours so thanks for this. "
Wendy T-D

"I purchased the palm2google software last night & everything appears to have worked correctly- thanks!"

"I just exported my calendar from Palm and used your program to import into Google - it is the GREATEST - if you need anyone to provide a review let me know - it was easy to use and worked beautifully. I have YEAR of data - never even hiccuped. Thanks much, Barbara"

"Neil, While it did take some time, I was able to successfully convert my Palm Desktop 6.2.2 calendar (it contained 10,000+ entries from several Palms over 9 years!! using Palm2Google.  I LOVE your program. It saved me hours, if not days, of work which may not have brought ANY results. I do hope Palm Desktop 6 owners recognize that your program(s) can do the job quickly, efficiently and effectively. With much appreciation, Steve B.   P.S. feel free to use my comments if you wish."
Dr Steve B.

"You've done a great job, thank you so very much! ... can't tell you what it means to have my life back in one place!! thanks again for the great result, I'm so glad I found you."

I've just transferred about 10 year's worth of Palm calendar to Google calendar and thence to my new HTC Desire S phone. All done this morning, no problems at all. I faffed about for several days trying other "solutions" which didn't work. Palm2Google is the bee's knees; well worth the money. Thanks very much
Bill Y.
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