Personal Conversion

If you do not feel confident upgrading Palm Desktop, putting all the information on this site into practice, or simply don't have the time to use my software yourself, why not let an expert convert your precious Palm Calendar to standard iCal files for Google/Outlook/iCal?  Large calendars (>15,000 events) can present certain difficulties that can be frustrating and difficult to resolve - and doing the conversion yourself may take up a lot of time, especially if you make mistakes.

I can upgrade Palm Desktop 4.x files to prepare them for iCal conversion, and convert your calendar as fast as the Google Quota allows. I will fix any errors in the Palm database, delete duplicates, and ensure that every single event is accounted for. Once the conversion is finished I'll send you either a single iCal file for Import to iCal/Outlook, or send you several iCal files for Google Calendar iCal Import (maximum of about 2MB per iCal file). I can also do this final iCal import for you, but to do this you will have to provide me with your Google ID and Password (which you should change as soon as I've finished - for my peace of mind, not yours!)

Please note that the Google Calendar quota is usually about 18,000 events imported to any Google Account per day, so if your calendar is larger than this you will either have to Import the iCal files I send you over a period of several days, or split your data into multiple Google Accounts:

It can be a good idea with large calendars is to split your data into two or more parts (eg pre and post 2008) and import these either to separate calendars, or even into 2 Google accounts; this approach is especially useful if you plan to sync your data with multiple devices/software because your Google Quota is affected by all interaction with your Google Account. To avoid syncing problems you may choose to sync only events from 2008 onwards, for example, keeping the earlier data in a "secondary" calendar in the same account, or viewing it as a "subscribed" calendar from a separate Google account, for reference.

To purchase my personal conversion service, which includes a 2 year subscription to GCalToolkit Power Tools for Google Calendars ( worth 39$, please click the button above, register on this site, confirm that you'd like a "Personal Conversion", and make a secure payment of £99 (currently about 162$).

If this seems expensive please remember that depending on the size and integrity of your data the process may require many hours work over several days - and that I refund in full if you are not satisfied with the results, even if I have already done this work.

If you decide to use this service, please do not forget to send me your Palm Calendar (.dba, .dat.,.mdb) with any special instructions to this address:

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  

Please include the following information:

1) Would you like to keep your Palm categories separate or combine them to one calendar?
2) Would you like to split the calendar into distinct date ranges, and how should I handle repeats that span the dates in question?
3) Would you like certain type of events exported to separate iCal files?
4) Would you would like me to upload directly to your Google Account (I'll need your Google ID and Password for this)

Before I start work on your calendar I will need this information in order to do the conversion as quickly and efficiently as possible, and I will be happy to advise you if necessary on the various possibilities in order to ensure that the end result is perfect.

This personal service is subject to my availability - for large calendars the conversion may require work over several days: if I am unavailable to perform this for you the payment option will not be visible during the purchase process.
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