Dba2Csv converts Palm Desktop 4 files to CSV format when other preferred methods (i.e upgrading to Palm Desktop 6 and using Palm2Google) fail. It is a Windows .NET program that can open .dba files exported from the Palm Desktop 4 "File Menu" or .dba /.dat / .bak files from the Palm Desktop default data folder, and convert them to the standard CSV format to be imported to Google Calendars, Outlook or other calendar software.
Palm2Google is to copy Palm Desktop 6 files ONLY to Google Calendars, and onwards to any other system that syncs to Google Calendars. This is the best way to move your data: upgrade to the latest free version of Palm Desktop 6.2 (http://kb.palm.com/wps/portal/kb/common/article/33529_en.html) then use Palm2Google.

Dba2Csv is for CSV conversion of Palm Desktop 4 files only - Palm2Google copies Palm Desktop 6 calendars directly to Google Calendars.  Palm2Google allows you to transfer all your data to a single calendar, or multiple Google calendars, one for each Palm Category.

The main advantage of this approach is that, unlike using CSV files, Palm2Google will preserve the settings for your repeat events instead of "simulating" repeats. Moving your data from Palm Desktop 6 is easier, faster, and more convenient regarding repeats.

Another reason to upgrade before copying to Google is that Palm2Google ignores all duplicates when copying to Google. No data is changed in your Palm files, but all exact duplicates that may have been created by previous syncing errors or similar problems will be ignored, thus cleaning up your calendar.
Dba2Csv / Palm2Google is not simply software; it is software with personal, unlimited online support directly from yours truly, the developer. The only way for me to guarantee that you are happy with my software and support is to set a price which enables me to give you as much time as necessary when you need it. I could sell twice as many copies at half the price... but I would be unable to provide the personal support that I believe is necessary for what is not always an easy process. To compensate, I provide a full money-back guarantee if you are not 100% satisfied with the results, and the only condition is that you explain why.
Palm2Google if possible.  Recurring events are not supported in CSV files, and Palm Desktop 4 files can only be converted to .CSV instead of being exported directly into Google Calendars.

Dba2Csv can convert repeat events into multiple one-off events ("Simulate Recurring Events") , with the additional option to limit the number of recurring events that are created.  For example, if you have set an event to occur once a week with no end date Dba2Csv would normally create one event a week for the next 30 years, so 10 years might be more reasonable. With these options you can disable the recurring events completely, and then adjust the recurrence options for that event manually once you have transferred to your new calendar. Alternatively you may select to simulate a weekly event, but only for a limited time period.

If you use Palm Desktop 6.x, or if you upgrade from Palm Desktop 4.x to version 6.x, then you can use Palm2Google. With this method recurring events are kept as such in Google, the process is faster (no need to export each category to a separate CSV file), and easier for the non-technical user.  Both methods give 100% accurate results for files with no errors, but only Palm2Google will remove all duplicates and preserve your repeat rules.
Yes, Dba2Csv and Palm2Google should work perfectly - and if you don't agree I refund you 100%.
I wrote Dba2Csv and Palm2Google because none of the other solutions I tried copied my many years of data from Palm to Google Calendars to my liking. If you are trying to migrate your calendar, and need accurate control of the process, have large amounts of data, or if you need to copy several calendars in various Palm formats, then Dba2Csv/Palm2Google is the software you need. Here is a list of some of the best features:

1) Export each category to a separate calendar to preserve colour coding for your calendar when moving to Google Calendars.
2) Filter events by dates, and save your settings if you export data on a regular basis (for csv output)
3) GMT and DST correction ensure that your dates/times are correct in Google Calendars and Outlook.
4) "All Day" or "Untimed" events are preserved.
5) Even the most complicated event repeat patterns are correctly converted (eg every 3rd tuesday of the month, with exceptions)
6) Palm2Google cleans up your calendar by ignoring all duplicates when copying to Google.
No, but you do not need any extra software to export your contacts. In Palm Desktop select all your contacts then choose "Export" from the File menu and save as ".vcf". Open Gmail in a recent browser (Internet Explorer 6 may not work, Firefox 2 onwards will), and in "Contacts" you should see "Import", "Export" and "Print" (if not, change browser). "Import" will display a form and the message "Please select a CSV or vCard file to upload:"... "
Yes - I highly recommend you check out ToodleDo (http://www.toodledo.com) which can import Palm Tasks in the Palm TDA format exported from Palm Desktop 4.1.4, or (better) CSV files created with the "ToDo Converter" from Palm Desktop 6.x TDA files.  This last method is currently the ONLY way to keep all your Tasks intact, complete with due dates, priority, categories and notes.  The ToodleDo Google Gadget can display your tasks within GMail, or you can access them with an App on iPhone, BlackBerry, Android or your Windows desktop.
Please generate your "Activation Code" yourself by logging in to www.dba2csv.com with the username/password that you chose.

Once you have paid for lifetime use, support and upgrades you can login to this site almost immediately using the username and password you chose during the payment process, and unlock the Full Version. You will receive an automatic confirmation email/receipt within minutes (if not, check your "Spam" folder)

1) Prepare your "Key Code" by running the Trial Version of Dba2Csv / Palm2Google, go to the red "Unlock..." menu and copy the Key Code for your computer to the windows clipboard.

2) Return to this website (www.dba2csv.com) and LOGIN with your username and the password you chose.

3) You will then be taken automatically to the "Activate Dba2Csv" page... Now "paste" the Key Code you copied in step 1) into the the top box and hit "Generate...".

4) This gives you an "Activation Code" that you copy/paste back into the Dba2Csv / Palm2Google program "Unlock..." menu.
Let me try again: once you have successfully logged in, you will be able to Unlock the Full Version just minutes after payment. Prepare your "Key Code" from the "Unlock..." menu in Dba2Csv or Palm2Google - you will need to paste it into the Activation Code Generator on the "Activate" page of this website that will display automatically as soon as you log in.

If you have copy/pasted your Key Code correctly you will be given an Activation Code. Again, use Copy/Paste to Paste this Code back into the Dba2Csv or Palm2Google "Unlock..." menu. If you have any problems, please contact me on the contact page. If the above method doesn't help you, then just send me your "Key Code" during the payment process. If I'm away/asleep/working then you may have to wait up to 24 hours before receiving your activation code by email - logging on to generate your code is faster! If you can't log in, or just want that personal touch, then please remember that patience is a virtue, and please check your "Spam" folder in case your mail client is of the over-zealous type.
If Dba2Csv and Palm2Google still show as "Trial Version" after you have entered your Activation Code and restarted Dba2Csv, then please check the following points:

1) Please ensure that are using the same computer and Windows User Account that you were when you copied your Key Code. If not, please select "Delete Licence" from the trial version "Help" menu, then generate a new Key Code, and log in here to generate your correct "Activation Code".

2) Check that the application data folder C:/Documents and Settings/(User)/Application Data/dba2csv/ is not ReadOnly or Hidden (right click/properties of the folder). Once you have restarted Dba2Csv / Palm2Google, is the Key Code still at the original setting? If so, then the program is unable to write to that folder. If the Key Code is now the same as your Activation Code, but you are still in Trial, then please use "Delete Licence" from the program "Help" menu, and start again .
Yes, Microsoft Vista and Windows 7 already include the .NET 3.0 framework that Dba2Csv and Palm2Google require; both programs should work perfectly on any 32 or 64 bit installation. A very small number of 64 bit installs may have issues with corrupt/missing JET 4.0 or 32/64 bit OLEDB driver issues; if you see" The 'Microsoft.ACE.OLEDB.12.0' provider is not registered on the local machine" and you are using a version of Dba2Csv before version then pease follow these simple steps:

1) Check that you are using the latest version of Dba2Csv/Palm2Google downloaded from this website.
2) Run Dba2Csv / Palm2Google again and all should be well.
Palm Desktop 6.2 files will open automatically in Palm2Google.
Instead of converting Palm "calendar archive" files to CSV, Palm2Google copies your Palm Calendar files directly into Google Calendars. You can either put all your Palm categories into a single Google calendar, or automatically create new colour-coded Google calendars for each Palm category. You will find full instructions on this tool in the main menu under "User Guide", and a video on the "Help Videos" page.
These are files in a non readable format that are output from many calendar devices (PalmIII, Palm IIIc and later) and Palm Software (eg Palm Desktop) . Dba2Csv converts the unreadable DBA file into a standard CSV file, enabling you to copy your Palm calendars into Google Calendars or Outlook.

There are two types of DBA file, "Calendar Archive" and "Datebook Archive" - the former (usually PD4.x) must be converted to CSV format with Dba2Csv, the latter (only PD6.x) can be directly copied into Google Calendars using Palm2Google. Even if you do not use Google Calendars, once your data is in Google you can export to several formats and synch will nearly every other software/device.
Please do try them too - but none of them offer you 100% guaranteed result (or your money back). I tried them all without much success. First of all, the syncing software available for this task is not easy to implement; it can be difficult to install and a nightmare to configure. Dba2Csv and Palm2Google are NOT designed to enable regular synchronization between two calendars, but instead offers many useful options for transferring from one calendar software to another that other syncing solutions do not offer.

Another point to consider is that unless you know exactly what you are doing it can be dangerous to use synchronization software: if other people can add or delete events on GCal, of if you delete your data in another synced system and you then synchronize... you may lose your data. I can't say it often enough: PLEASE BACKUP OFTEN!

Here's one way to avoid using syncing software if you wish to use Google Calendars, a Palm device and Palm Desktop: you can use Dba2Csv/Palm2Google to copy your Palm Desktop data to Google Calendars, so that you are always able to access your calendar from any computer, combine it with other calendars that you may run exclusively on Google, or share it with clients, work colleagues, friends or family.
Dba2Csv includes the option to shift the start and end times of every calendar event forwards or backwards at the push of a button, and automatic DST correction based on your machine's settings. Please bear in mind that doing this may also affect recurring events if the time is shifted to the next or previous day. You may also have problems with DST (Daylight Saving Time) as the rules for these local time corrections are not uniform (even within the US), and change regularly.

If DST correction is not working at all, please check that DST is activated in your Windows clock settings (double-click on the clock, check the settings on the 2nd tab). The Palm2Google tool uses the time zone information for each event - before importing to Google you should set your Google Calendar time zone to the same zone as your Palm calendar and Windows, if it is not already.
If for some good reason you do not wish to upgrade to Palm Desktop 6 in order to copy to Google and use Google Sync to Outlook (thus preserving all your repeat rules)... then yes. Dba2Csv can export directly as CSV for Outlook from the "File" menu, "Save for Outlook...", and then import into Outlook as Comma Separated Values (Windows) on the Outlook "File Menu" > "Import/Export...". You should not have to map fields, fix encoding etc, just remember to tick the box when prompted by Outlook to import the calendar. Please note that categories and some other fields are not yet exported for Outlook.

1) Check your Palm Desktop calendar for corrupted records ("tools" menu, "options", "tools" tab).
2) Check calendar for quotation marks using PD's "Find" menu, and manually delete all "s. (Not necessary if you have Dba2Csv version 1.4 or greater)
3) Open Dba2Csv and convert DBA to CSV file using recurrence options as required and "0" for GMT correction.
4) Check that majority of events are at correct time, if not use GMT correction and hit "Recalculate".
5) When you're happy, "Export" as CSV file in the "File" menu".
6) Use Dba2Csv to convert from DBA to CSV
7) Open CSV using Open Office using "UNICODE UTF-8" when prompted for Character Set, and tick the separated by "Comma" box. Don't worry about strange characters in the "Subject" field.
8) On OO file menu choose "Save As...", choose "TEXT CSV" and tick the " Edit the Filter Settings Box", then hit SAVE
9) For "Character Set" choose UNICODE UTF-8, for "Field Delimeter" choose (Tab), leave "Text Delimiter" as quotes ("), hit OK
10) Open OUTLOOK, choose "Import and Export" from "File" menu
11) Choose "Import from another program or file", hit NEXT
12) Choose "Comma Separated Values (Windows), hit NEXT
13) Browse to CSV file you saved in step 8/9, hit OK then NEXT
14) Select desired Calendar, hit NEXT
15) Tick checkbox to left of "Import xxxxxxxx.csv into folder: Calendar Name"
16) Map Custom Fields window should open, ensure fields in the right hand pane are correct. You will probably have to Drag/Drop the first "!?Subject" field from the left hand pane onto the "Subject" field in the right hand pane. You should now have "Field" and Mapped From" columns displaying correct entries for "Subject", "Start Date", "Start Time"...etc opposite the corresponding Field.
17) Click OK then FINISH
18) Make a cup of Tea.

As noted above, you can also use Excel for steps 7 to 9 instead of OpenOffice, but with Excel you will have to experiment with different settings yourself based on your system language settings etc. OpenOffice is an excellent, free, opensource version of the Office suite, and it handles many file formats in a more consistent way than Excel... and is fully compatible with .doc, .xls, .html, .rtf and many other filetypes. Personally I have never imported to Outlook using Excel, but some readers have reported success.
There is still some mystery regarding the exact construction of .dba files, and some variation from one software to another... so some anomalies may occur, in particular regarding recurring events with date exceptions, time zone problems, and corrupted files/strange characters. Many of these issues can be resolved by using "Repair" under the Palm Desktop "Tools" menu, "Options". Most other issues can be resolved by contacting me and explaining the problem, or sending me your .dba file for analysis. However, if you are not 100% satisfied with Dba2Csv you are entitled to a full refund under our "Quibble-free Guarantee" - as long as you tell me why you are unhappy.
Dba2Csv exports in UNICODE format, which Excel may not use, depending on your Excel and Windows default settings. OpenOffice works perfectly though, and it's free. Just choose Unicode UTF-8 when promted on opening the CSV file (See above under OUTLOOK).
To export to .csv format Dba2Csv requires a .dba file written in the old "Calendar Archive" format, NOT "Datebook Archive" (Datebook Archives will open automatically in Palm2Google Calendar Exporter). If you are exporting from Palm Desktop 4 to CSV be sure to choose "Calendar Archive"; if you are using third party software and you experience this problem, simply import the .dba file into a blank Palm Desktop user calendar, then re-export as "Calendar Archive". You may also try deleting all non ascii characters from your calendar category names, or setting regional/language options to English.

1) If using Palm Desktop Software > v4.0 you are advised to use "Check and Repair any Corrupted Records" under the "Tools" Tab on the "Options" menu before exporting your .dba file ("File" menu, "Export..."). Please export as "Calendar Archive (.dba)" if you plan to convert to CSV.

2) Try saving the result from Dba2Csv as a plain text (.txt) file in order to remove any formatting quirks that may arise from characters used in your events. Google will import text files without any problem if the structure is correct. On some systems you may have to manually COPY the output of the Dba2Csv main window after processing your DBA file, and then manually PASTE it into a virgin text file (use Wordpad if possible, save as plain text, click "yes" to remove formatting) as an extra precaution. Be sure not to leave a trailing "carriage return" at the end of the file.

3) If none of the above works for you, then the easiest way to troubleshoot problems is to import your .csv or .txt file by halves. First CUT the file into two halves, then copy the header line:"Subject","Start Date","Start Time","End Date","End Time","Description","Location"to the top of the new file, then try and import each half separately. If one file fails, repeat the process for that half. In this way you can progressively narrow the search for the offending event if your file is large.
Please also note that Google Calendars often refuses to import a CSV file if you have already imported/exported a certain number of events within the last 24 hours. You can also use the Date Filter to split your calendar into google sized chunks. No one knows quite how large those chunks are.
Palm users are mostly Windows users... and this software is written using the .NET framework, and will only work on Windows. If for some reason you have no access to an XP or Vista machine, I will perform the conversion for you with the settings you require once you have registered on this website. Contact me here with a copy of your .dba file and the settings you require: your GMT zone, how you would like repeat events to be simulated, whether you require categories exported to separate files, and whether you intend to import to Outlook or Google calendars.
The trial version will only convert half of your calendar so that you can get a feel for how the software works, and check that it functions on your system with your calendar software before you purchase. 

The trial version of Dba2Csv will convert the first 50 events, and Palm2Google will copy half your data - note that events are copied in the same order as they were entered into the software.

Please remember that for your hard-earned £30 you get unlimited email /chat support to resolve any issues you may have - and the option to request a full refund at any time if you are not happy with the results.

Once you have reached the Trial limit you can safely use "Save your Session", then "Unlock..." from the program menu (follow the instructions to activate Dba2Csv and Palm2Google), then open the software in Full Version and finish off copying your files - the last session will automatically be loaded when you start. This process of Saving a Session avoids creating duplicate events or duplicate calendars which would result if you reloaded the calendar file.
Never. I may send you a short email with a link to download an album for free sometime soon though.
makes your machine crash/die, or if Dba2Csv or Palm2Google incorrectly converts a date and you miss a really important meeting that would have earned you millions? No. By downloading the software you confirm that you are my friend, and wouldn't consider taking any action that might spoil our relationship.
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