Calendar Migration

Palm Desktop 4 users:

Why Palm Desktop 4 users should upgrade to Palm Desktop 6 before using my software:

If you use Palm Desktop Version 4 you can still use Dba2Csv to convert Palm files to CSV, but you should probably upgrade to Palm Desktop 6 before using this software. This is because CSV files cannot manage repeat rules - when migrating from Palm Desktop 4 your repeat events will be converted into multiple single events (according to the "simulate repeats" setting in Dba2Csv) in the CSV file produced by Dba2Csv, which is to be avoided if possible! Imagine having to delete hundreds of individual events instead of a single repeat... and if you plan to sync the process will take much longer, and be less reliable.

By upgrading to Palm Desktop 6 your files will open with the Palm2Google part of Dba2Csv/Palm2Google, ready for direct copy to a Google Calendars account. If you wish to move to Outlook this is an important step if you need to preserve repeat rules and categories;  once your data is in Google it is easy to export as an iCal file (Google Calendar Settings, Calendar tab), or you can sync Outlook<>Google using Google Sync:

Google Sync All Desktop/Mobiles:
Google Sync Outlook Guide:

Using Google as a go-between is the most reliable way to copy data from Palm into Outlook. An added bonus is that by syncing Outlook <> Google in addition to syncing Google to whichever other calendar systems you may use (iPhone, Droid, iCal, Sunbird, BB...) you will have reliable over-the-air syncing between ALL your devices.   If you do not use Google Calendars, simply set up a temporary account for the purposes of this migration (and visit GCal once to activate your GCal Account) - it may seem like extra work, but the results are well worth the extra effort.

Do not worry if your device cannot sync with Palm Desktop 6 - after upgrading you will not sync your device to Palm Desktop 6: you are installing Palm Desktop 6 to create new versions of your Palm data files that are compatible with Palm2Google.

Once you have installed PD6 you will see a new folder in My Documents > Palm OS Desktop containing new versions of your Palm files, and the PD4 files will be untouched where you left them (usually in Program Files > Palm ONE).  You can therefore uninstall PD6 once you have used Palm2Google, and PD4 will be there exactly as you left it. Although the upgrade to Palm Desktop 6 is safe and will not modify your existing data, please back up your data before making any important changes to your system, just in case!

If for whatever reason you do not wish to, or can not, upgrade to Palm Desktop 6, then the Palm Desktop 4 > Dba2Csv route will copy your data with the same accuracy as Palm2Google - but you will lose the repeat rules; please set "Simulate Repeats" carefully to obtain satisfactory results. The only advantage to CSV conversion moving from Palm Desktop 4 using Dba2Csv is that Date Filtering is perfectly accurate, because there are no repeat rules, only multiple single events.  The date filter in Palm2Google (for Palm Desktop 6) will not include repeats from a date earlier than the period specified.

IMPORTANT NOTE for Palm Desktop 4 Upgrade: To ensure that the upgrade from Palm Desktop 4 to Palm Desktop 6 preserves all your category data correctly, please ensure that you do NOT already have an existing MY DOCUMENTS > PALMOSDESKTOP folder that may cause the upgrade to fail.  This will be the case if you have previously installed/uninstalled Palm Desktop 6.

How To Use Palm2Google:

Before using Palm2Google please note the following important points:

  1. Your Main Google Calendar Time Zone must be set to the same as your computer.
  2. Palm2Google will not create duplicates UNLESS YOU OPEN THE DBA FILE AGAIN.
  3. I strongly advise that you disable all syncing until at least 30 minutes after you finish copying your calendar to Google. Google Calendar needs time to process all the new information, and disabling all syncing avoids using quota unnecessarily for what may be incomplete syncs.
  4. Remember to "Save Session" if you wish to continue the copy at a later time.
  5. If all your events are not copied on your first try (or none at all), don't panic! Click "Copy To Google" again until all events are copied, or you reach your Daily Google Quota (see below).
  6. If Palm2Google reports fewer events than you think you should have, please note that Palm2Google ignore all exact Palm duplicates caused by syncing errors. The number of duplicates will be displayed in green, and written to the "Error Log". (See below)
  7. If you mess up, "Delete" the calendars you created (GCal Calendar Settings > Calendars Tab > Delete) and start again.
If you have trouble following text instructions... please see the HELP VIDEOS!

If you don't have a Google account you can sign up for free on

Once you have your Google Account and have activated Google Calendars (visit Google Calendars once), open Dba2Csv / Palm2Google from the shortcut on the desktop or the Start menu.

STEP 1) "Select" a Palm file and click "NEXT". Palm2Google or Dba2Csv will open and display the name of the file in green. You can also choose to continue a previous unfinished session.

STEP 2) Fill in your username and password for Google (this uses a secure https connection)

Once you have filled in your Google details, click "List Google Calendars" to display existing calendars. To manually add or delete calendars please go to Google Calendar "Settings" > "Calendar" tab.

You cannot delete calendars in Palm2Google, and you will be warned twice if you try to copy data to your main Google Calendar. If you ignore this warning, your Palm Data will be mixed in with existing GCal data, and you will be unable to undo this if you make a mistake

STEP 3) Select either to

a) Copy all Palm Categories to a Single Google Calendar: Click "List My Google Calendars" and highlight a calendar.


b) "Create a New Google Calendar for each Palm Category". If you have filled in your username and password correctly this will create a new Google Calendar for each Palm category in your file.

STEP 4) Click "Copy To Google": if the "Pause" button doesn't flash red/black within 20 seconds, click "Pause", then "Continue".

After a second or two the Pause button should start flashing for each event copied. You should "Pause" occasionally to check the progress - if you see that no more progress is being made over 10 or 15 minutes then it is time to use "Save Session" (menu bar) and wait (see "Google Daily Quota" below). Palm2Google will remember where you were when you next load that session.

IMPORTANT : Google Daily Quota & "Save Session":

If you have a large .dba file (>18,000 events) then Google may start to refuse events, and eventually stop accepting data altogether. If Palm2Google has been running for a while (10 or 15 minutes) but the number of events has not changed when you hit "Pause" then you have reached your Google Daily Quota. If this happens you will have to wait 24 hours or more before completing the process (or ask me how to ask Google to manually reset your quota for you immediately) - this is when to use the "Save Session" function. Once saved, you can close the program and try again the next day. Sometimes a few hours is enough, but you may have to wait up to 24 hours or more depending on the number of events copied. If you want to continue without waiting, then you can also create a new Google account, copy the remaining data to that account, and then export as iCal to merge with your main account. (remember to change the session name if you save).

Palm2Google calendar exporter will remember which Google Calendars were created for your categories (if you are copying to a single Google Calendar you must choose it again), and which events were not exported, so you can load up a previous session and try again. Do not manually delete Google calendars that were created during a session if you want to continue exporting the rest of a calendar at a later date.

Google places an unknown limit on the amount of data you can import in a given period (also unknown) - from experience this seems to be around 18,000 events imported per 24 hours. To work around this, Palm2Google calendar exporter enables you to save your sessions until the next day. If only half of your events are imported, Palm2Google calendar exporter will remember this UNTIL YOU REOPEN THE DBA FILE - by the end you should have a perfect copy of your data, with no repeats and nothing missing.

The Error Log (Palm2Google progam > menu bar > "Errors")

Errors for each "pass" (ie each attempt that starts whenever you click "Copy to Google" OR "Continue Copy") are logged in the "Error Log" which is to be found under "Errors" in the menu bar. Open this file to see the results of the most recent attempt; "refused" events are events that Google has refused either for quota reasons, or just because it was having a nap. "Corrupt" events are corrupt. Do not panic if you see many "Corrupt" events during import - you should first check that they display in Palm Desktop. If they do then check that they do not appear in Google. Sometimes (but very rarely) you will have to recreate events manually correcting the repeat rules. I have seen thousands of "corrupt" events in a single file that were in fact duplicates of correct events that were successfully copied to Google, so do not despair if this is the case.

Google may take a short time to create new calendars
- if you receive a warning message telling you that 0 events were created this may be because Google Calendars can take a short time to update. Although the Calendars were created, it was impossible to import your events so soon. If this happens, wait a few seconds then hit "COPY TO GOOGLE" again - Palm2Google will remember which calendars were created and try to complete the transfer, unless you reopen the DBA file, in which case the whole process starts again from scratch.

Newly created Google Calendar names may not reflect the names of your Palm Categories. If this is the case, rename the new Google Calendars on the Google Calendar Settings page. Do not manually delete a calendar while you are in the middle of an export, or between sessions.

There can be a delay between the creation of an event or a calendar, and the moment you see it in your browser. Do things slowly and deliberately, refresh your browser often, and above all: don't panic! If you get stuck please contact me; that's what you paid for. If you can't get me on Chat (in the Contact menu) then send a message or an email and I will usually get back to you within hours.

Time Zones/ DST settings

The time Zone / DST settings on BOTH your computer and Google are important: The former will affect how the data is exported because Palm2Google uses your local time zone and DST rules to convert from the Palm format, and the latter affects the display of Google Calendars in your browser. Changing your main time zone settings in Google Calendar will change how some, but not all, of your events are displayed, and changing the time zone for a particular calendar will shift all events.

If you see events in Google occuring at the wrong times, or wrong days, then you have most likely failed to correctly set the Time Zone settings on either the computer used to run Palm2Google, on your main Google Calendar Settings, or on the Individual calendar Time Zone settings. If you only see errors in either summer, winter, or March/October than you probably have not enabled DST correction. This can happen is several places: on your computer (check Windows Clock, Time Zone), in your Google Calendar Main Settings (try unchecking "Display all time zone" and choose e.g "GMT -6:00 Central"), or in a particular calendars Time Zone settings (available when you click on a calendars name under "Settings">"Calendars"). DST rules change from time time (eg in 2007 for the US), so If the DST on your machine are out of date you may see unusual behaviour, in particular around mid-March and the start of November. Currently DST in the US

  • begins at 2:00 a.m. on the second Sunday of March and
  • ends at 2:00 a.m. on the first Sunday of November

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NEW INFORMATION: Many people have contacted me because Palm Desktop 6 closes without warning, for example when they switch to "Month View", "Edit Event" and other actions. Palm support will claim that your calendar data is corrupt - however this is probably not the case. Back up the entire "Palm OS Desktop" folder under "My Documents" then copy all the contents of that folder to a safe place.

Start Palm Desktop 6 and you will be prompted to create a new calendar - if you have exactly the same errors as before then this problem is not related to corrupt calendars - you don't have any. Thankfully, if you are suffering from Palm Desktop 6 crashes, you should still be able to use "Export" on the File Menu to create a valid .dba file, and then use Palm2Google to move to Google Calendars. To repair this issue, uninstall and install a previous version of Palm Desktop (eg 4.1.4) from Once the older version is installed, uninstall it and reinstall version 6.2.

Once your calendars are in Google, you can sync (Google Calendars "Sync" button, top right of the screen or to just about any calendar software or mobile device, export to iCal format, or just enjoy the fantastic functionality of Google Calendars :-)

iCal Import/Export Problems

Once your data is in Google Calendars you may export as iCal as follows: Go to "Calendar Settings" > "Calendar" and choose "Export". This will download a zip file containing all your calendar iCal files which you can then import to a different Google Calendar, to a different Google Account, to iCal or any other software that accepts iCal files. Alternatively you can use Google Sync to copy your data from Google to Outlook:

Another frequent issue with Google iCal import is that nothing seems to happen after you click "Import" to Google Calendars.  The trick here is to click the "Import" button only once, and be patient.  At the end of the process (2Mb can take 5 to 15 minutes depending on your upload connection speed) you may see what appears to be a blank error window, and when you check your calendar you may think the data has not been imported. You should wait up to 10 minutes before concluding that the import has failed, as Google can take a while to process the iCal import.

Duplicate Events in Palm Desktop

Palm2Google automatically detects all exact duplicates in your Palm Desktop files and does not copy them into Google.  You will not lose any data as Palm2Google will only ignore duplicates that are identical in every way: Title, Description, Start and End times, Repeat rules & exceptions, Location, Alarms, Private... these duplicates are usually caused by syncing problems that you may have experienced with Outlook, Palm Desktop or third party software.  If you have entered the same event twice yourself with slightly different information in any of the above fields then these will still be copied.  The original duplicates are NOT removed in Palm Desktop - they are simply ignored during the copy process.

Remove Duplicate Events in Google Calendars, any software that syncs with Google Calendars, or an iCal

To delete duplicate events in Google Calendars you can either:

1) Download GCalToolkit - software to remove duplicates, delete/edit/filter multiple events by date range or keyword, and easily modify large numbers of related events in Google Calendars. The free version works for 3 months in the past and 3 months into the future; the full version works on your entire Google Calendar. If you use any other calendar software that 2-way sync to Google Calendars, then GCalToolkit can also be used to remove duplicates etc. in that system.  To use on an iCal (.ics) file simply import the iCal file to a new Google Calendar, remove duplicates with GCalToolkit, then export a clean iCal file.

2) Use Google Sync to sync to Office, then use a tool to delete duplicates in Office on Windows (eg . This is not always reliable, and may not work with your version of Office, but it is a free solution

3) Export as iCal and use (Os X only) to remove the duplicate entries. Again, this is a free solution that may or may not work for your data.

Before in Palm Desktop 6

After, in Google Calendars

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This error affects a very small number of 64 bit Windows Users:
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