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1   Link   Palm Desktop 6
Download Palm Desktop 6 for free. All Palm Desktop 4 users should use this upgrade to preserve repeat rules during the copy process
2   Link   .NET 3.5 from MICROSOFT
To run my software you'll need .NET 3.5 from Microsoft. This is usually installed on recent Windows machines automatically - if not please install this and make sure that in Add/Remove programs that you see .NET 3.5 somewhere... .NET 4 is a different package, and alone is not always sufficient.
3   Link   ToodleDo
This is the best option for managing your Palm ToDo list - Dba2Csv now includes a free ToDo converter that can convert your Palm .tda ToDo file to the .csv format recognized by Toodledo.

It's free to set up a Toodledo account, and once you have imported the converted Palm file you can then display the info in iGoogle, Gmail, Google Calendar or nearly elsewhere else. Please see the page "Address, Memos & ToDo" in the main menu of this website for more details.
4   Link   Sync Google and Outlook
This is the easiest way to sync Google and Outlook. Usually you want 2-Way syncing, but do remember that deleting one of your calendars will delete everything in the other... Since Google uses, pretty much, and unlike Microsoft Outlook, the standard iCal format, it is best to consider Google as your "Master Calendar", to which you will sync any other software such as your mobile phone, iCal on a Mac, Outlook or Sunbird on a PC. Back up as iCal (in Calendar Settings) when necessary - syncing is always a delicate thing, but worth the trouble.
5   Link   Sync your Phone to Google Calendars
This is how to sync most mobile devices to your Google Calendars. Please note that it is best to disable any syncing while importing data to Google. Android phones, for example, may need a hard reset if they sync with Google during an incomplete iCal (or csv) import.

After importing an iCal file to Google, it can take up to 20 minutes for all the information to be correctly entered into Google calendar, so be patient and give Google Calendar the time to process imports before activating sync to Outlook or mobile devices.

If you do not see all your calendars on the iPhone then take a look at this post: http://michaelhyatt.com/how-to-setup-google-calendar-on-your-iphone-4.html
6   Link   Sunbird Calendar
This is a superb, and free, calendar software that syncs well with Google Calendars. It is reminiscent of Palm Desktop 4, but is really how PD4 should have been. If you'd like a free and colourful alternative to the pretty awful calendar in Outlook, this should be first on your list. It integrates well with Thunderbird for email, and at last you'll have all your data accessible from any software, in nice standard formats that you can back up easily.
7   Link   Sync Contacts
Use this to Sync Contacts between Google Contacts and Outlook
8   Link   Palm Data Migration Assistant
Maybe you don't need my software? You should first try the official tool from Palm to get your data out of your Palm. It's worth a try, but I do advise you to check your data if it works... I found the results very unsatisfactory, but if you're lucky it may work for you.
9   Link   GCalToolkit
This is another software I've developed which keeps Google Calendar clean and tidy by removing duplicates, date ranges, events with a given text, events at a given location, and much more...

In addition to the more powerful Windows software, there is an online version (no sign up required for a demo), to which Dba2Csv members get a free month of access.

GCalToolkit is an easy way to remove thousands of duplicates from Google Calendars in just a few clicks. Sometimes duplicates have slightly different repeat rules - activate the "relax duplicate detection" option and broaden the search for duplicate events.

You may also find that syncing you Android phone is taking too long so you'd like to delete events en masse to lighten the load. This is especially useful if you have moved to Google using a CSV import, because repeat events will all have been converted to single events - so date filtering works perfectly.

If, however, your repeats are indeed true repeats, then deleting a range of dates will also delete ALL future occurences of the event - even though these may be in a date range you wanted to keep. In this case you should use the Windows GCalToolkit and choose "Entire Calendar" AND check the box for "Download repeats as Multiple Single Events" option.
10   Link   How to Sync Desktop Calendars to Google
Great Lifehacker article explaining how to sync Outlook, Sunbird and other Desktop Calendar software with Google Calendar
11   Link   Jorte
Jorte is a "Day Planner" for Android that syncs with Google Calendar. It has a very nice descriptive Month view, and works in landscape mode - a welcome alternative to the stock Android calendar. It also has a "Tasks" section that syncs with Google Tasks, and a Memos section
12   Link   Astrid
Astrid is a todo list / task tracking system for Google's Android platform. Astrid's goal is to be simple to use with the features you need to stay productive and get things done.
13   Link   Calengoo
Calengoo is one of the best 3rd party Calendar apps for iPhone/iPad. It has a very good month display sorely missing in the built in iCal app, syncs to Google calendar, and can be used in landscape mode. Exists also for Android (http://android.calengoo.com).

It costs 6.99 USD - for an independent review of Calengoo visit http://www.productiveorganizer.com/getting-things-done/the-best-calender-software-for-iphone-calengoo-review/
14   Link   Sync multiple Google Calendars to iPhone
This is a great description of how to configure your iPhone and Google calendar settings so that the correct calendars - both "secondary" and "subscribed"- show up correctly on iPhone/iPad
15   Link   Agendus Calendar for iPad
Not cheap... but nice-looking. Syncs over the air with Google Calendar
16   Link   Calendars by Readdle for iPad
Clean design, good functionality and over the air sync with Google Calendar
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